Wall, Door, and Roof Features 

Sunroom Door Features 

Metals USA, a popular sunroom material provider, offers a choice of five different glass doors, as well as a steelclad, raised panel solid insulated door. All of their glass doors have a heavyduty, extruded aluminum frame, tempered safety glass (with your choice of glazing) and for added security, an industry standard keyed lock set. In addition, all the doors used with their 4inch wall system feature a 100% thermally broken door jamb, frame and sash for superior thermal protection.

With Metals USA’s standard continuous gear hinge, doors are always both secure and easy to open. The innovative interlocking gear design reduces friction and because the hinge extends the full length of the door, it eliminates typical problems such as door bind and sag. Security and energy savings are improved as well. Even if you don’t use Metals USA for your sunroom construction, you should strive for this level of quality and protection. 

Popular Sunroom Door Options: 

  • Single French 
  • FullView Door, Double FullView 
  • Double French 
  • Sliding Patio Door (Optional grids) 
  • Raised Panel Insulated Door 


Sunroom, Solarium, & Conservatory Wall System: 

When purchasing a sunroom, ensure that only the highest quality components available are designed and constructed into our products. The thickest walls in the industry feature your choice of insulating wall cores including our exclusive Polyisocyanurate core. This material is unsurpassed in its energy efficiency. Durable extruded aluminum frame members ensure the structural integrity of sunrooms. Frame members with exterior and interior exposure are designed with “thermal breaks” that do not allow the transfer of heat or cold.  

Most sunrooms are constructed with tempered safety glass for maximum protection. U.L. approved, electrical raceways allow for the safe installation of electrical wiring for lights or other appliances. 


Sunroom Wall Features to Look for: 

  • Polyisocyanurate  “polyiso“  is the high performance insulation specified by architects nationwide for today’s energy efficient, custom homes. 
  • Designer textured wall panels to match your existing color scheme, or select one of our highperformance Glass board textured wall panels for maximum durability and maintenance free performance. 
  • U.L. approved electrical raceways give you the flexibility to place fixtures, outlets and switches throughout the room. 
  • “Thermally Broken” is defined as an inert material such as rubber or silicone that separates the inside and outside of any metal beam such as this extruded aluminum wall support. This eliminates the temperature exchange from the exterior to the interior of the room. 


Sunroom, Solarium, & Conservatory Window System: 

Vinyl window features should use highperformance, low energy glass. The vinyl window is designed for maximum energy savings, durability and the elimination of frequent cleaning. Insulated glass offers superior insulating performance in hot or cold climates, while protecting you from harmful Ultra Violet rays. For your added safety, always look for tempered glass, and make sure the window locks meet the AAMA “Forced Entry” test criteria. Both window sashes should be able to slide and be removed to easily convert your sunroom into a screen room during nice weather.

Sunroom Window Features to Look for: 

  • Adjustable brass rollers with heavy duty roller housings at top and bottom of window frames are smooth rolling and prevent unwanted window removal. 
  • Tapered interlocks on window sashes plus integrated glide buttons create a snug, rattle-free seal when closed 
  • Two sweep latches per window provide extra security and a snug weather tight seal. 
  • Fixed transom windows allow more of the outdoors inside. Available in dual tempered safety glass. 
  • All sliding windows are 60” tall allowing for more light and a greater view. 
  • Radius transition window sills and headers create a more aesthetic appearance and eliminate sharp edges and corners. 
  • All window frames feature custom designed foam seal gaskets to eliminate leaks. 
  • Vertical electrical raceways are integrated into wall and accept standard UL electrical fixtures. 
  • Color coordinated weather stripping with builtin finseal creates a weather-tight and attractive looking window. 
  • Radius window sills feature sloping design and flap-covered weep holes to drain sills and keep out wind, dust and insects. 
  • All insulated glass is tempered and professionally sealed to create a highperformance glazing system. 
  • All extrusions feature full thermal barrier protection for greater yearround comfort.

Sunroom, Solarium, & Conservatory Roof System: 

Even though a roof is something we often take for granted, sunroom creators should take great pains to produce one that you’ll love. Insulated roofs are quickly becoming one of the most popular in the industry because of their uncommonly good looks: Deep textured embossed ceiling panels feature a non-glare matte finish. Yet the beauty of this roof system is not just skin deep. It’s available in a variety of thicknesses and with different insulation values to meet your specific requirements. Panels with sturdy “hidden” fan beams are also available to support the installation of ceiling fans and other light fixtures.

Sunroom Wall Features to Look for: 

  • Metals USA’s exclusive “Superbeam” extruded aluminum rafters provide superior strength and durability for all types of weather and environmental loading conditions. 
  • There are three types tempered/safety roofing glass to choose from: Clear float, solex green tint or high performance solar cool coated (mirror-like finish). 
  • Metals USA’s Solar X™ insulated sunroom roof systems accommodate virtually any climate and budget  with insulation values up to R25. 48” wide panels allow for fewer seams. Optional fan beams embedded in the Solar X™ panels allow for installation of ceiling fans or other lighting fixtures. 
  • Maintenance free Solar X™ insulated roofs are available in white or desert sand with a pebbled stucco finish (white only), or deep driftwood embossing that looks like handsomely painted wood. 
  • To complement your Solar X™ roof, nothing is sturdier or handles more rain than our heavygauge, one piece doublecatch gutter system  complete with leaf guard. To match the style of your home, you can also choose an optional Elitewood Fascia Trim Kit.

There are many sunroom providers and installers out there to choose from, each with their own slightly different features and benefits, but TEMO is one company we know fairly well and trust.