Retractable Drop Roll Patio Cover System 

You can easily control patio sunshine and glare with a drop shade system. This is the perfect mate for patio covers, designed with a full view fabric that allows you to block even more glare and heat from the sun and provide optimum fading protection for all your patio products. The addition is easily installed on patio covers, creating a patio enclosure screen that is a beautiful match to any patio cover design. The drop shade system is easy to operate, giving you the choice of manual, motorized or automatic operation. In seconds, you can transform patio heat into cool shade and glare into a glorious view. 

The PatioPro, one of our favorite drop roll providers, is offered in a variety of highquality outdoor grade fabrics from dense woven screen fabrics, such as Textaline, to fully opaque solution dyed acrylic fabrics by Sunbrella®. Durability, low maintenance, and a wide selection of fabrics mean there’s bound to be a shade that’s right for you and your patio area. 


Drop Shades Help You Enjoy Patio Privacy 

The retractable drop roll system blocks out more than the sun’s rays. It also offers a great solution to adding additional privacy to any patio area. If you have a patio cover or front porch that is visible to your neighbors, the shade will create an enclosed area that keeps out prying eyes. Drop shades let you extend your home’s private living area into outdoor space not unlike a patio enclosure or screen room, giving you an outdoor area concealed in privacy. Now you can enjoy the outdoors without anyone knowing. 


Patio Pro Drop Shade Provides Energy Savings 

The vertical drop shades of the PatioPro, a leader in drop shade tech, can help you significantly lower your energy bills by drastically reducing the radiant heat inside your home. With electricity costs skyrocketing today, this type of shade can pay for itself!