About Us

My husband and I were once a contracting team for sunroom additions and remodeling. My husband Ted, or “Teddy,” did the installation and any repair work. I ran the office and customer service. We both helped with the design and look of the sunrooms and patios. We worked hard but retired young, especially for nowadays. We spent years traveling and spoiling our grandchildren and making new retirement-age friends. We’ve been dialing it back more recently, enjoying some of the quieter pleasures of life—books and movies and leisurely walks and such. By our nature, we can’t stay still for too long, or at least that’s what we used to say. Now, it’s more we just need a new project to take on. So, we thought why not resurrect our former vocation and build a general advice and resource guide for:


  • Homeowners who are thinking about adding some kind of sunroom. (We might talk a little bit, too, about patios and decks.)
  • Commercial businesses who are trying to add space to their restaurant or retail store in a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing way.
  • New contractors and growing firms who are trying to build their own successful business and brand.
  • Trends and developments in the larger sunroom and home addition industry.


It’s funny because we never even had a website for our old business. Teddy had such a reputation in Florida that by the time we got together and started running the business together, we were able to keep a steady pipeline of projects almost through word-of-mouth alone. By the time having a website, FB, and Twitter accounts were “mandatory” for a small business, we were still doing fine. Not long after, we scaled back the business and, soon thereafter, retired altogether.

We’re still at the starting line, and we expect to get a slow start to building out this site. We still have a few grandchildren that are still in their prime for getting spoiled. Eventually, we see ourselves more actively monitoring a forum for everything about sunrooms, patios, and patio covers. Maybe learning a few things about the newest industry products and methods. We want to help our audience get better results from their sunrooms, but it’s still mostly about us….haha. But truly, we hope this website can be an opportunity for us to contribute to the craft that is sunroom design and installation. Welcome!