Solariums, Revisited 

Solariums are the ideal home improvement. They add value to your home and improve your lifestyle. Stargaze from inside the comforts of your very own solarium. If you are a nature lover, an astronomer, or simply a weather watcher, this type of addition can heighten your viewing pleasures. As the ultimate in panoramic views and sunlight reception, the ventilated solarium’s distinctive curved eave roof opens the heavens for your personal enjoyment. The design of this solarium offers breathtaking views while also enhances your home’s architectural beauty.

Grow Family Fun in Your Solarium! 

Adaptable and functional, the solarium is an ideal room addition. In fact, your solarium is likely to become your favorite room in your house. Your family may enjoy the treasures of an indoor garden nurtured by the sun’s natural light and warmth. Maybe your solarium is where your family entertains guests. Or perhaps your solarium functions as a spa enclosure  the ultimate solution to keeping leaves and dirt out of your spa. This costeffective home improvement will leave you wondering what fun possibilities your solarium can’t provide.

What to Look for in Solarium Wall Features: 

  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulated wall core (R15) or Polyisocyanurate (Polyiso) insulated wall core (R28) with vapor barriers
  • Extruded aluminum structural frame with 100% thermal barrier feature 
  • Tempered safety glass throughout 
  • Double sliding horizontal windows with removable full screen 
  • Double sweep latch window locks 
  • Internal electrical raceway system for outlets and switches

What to Look for in Solarium Eclipse Roof Features: 

  • Polyisocyanurate foam core solid panels (approx R-28) 
  • Texture embossed ceiling panels 
  • Extruded eave gutter trim channel 
  • Adjustable thermal hanger for pitched roof 
  • 3/16” thick tempered safety glass, three widths 
  • Superbeam” rafter construction with color coordinated weatherstripping and screw cover

Solarium Strength, Safety, and Comfort 

While solariums are a great home improvement, not all of them are safe. Solariums are open glass environments, meaning there is glass above you and all around. The safety of your family needs to be considered when you’re shopping for the right solarium. When shopping, look for solariums that feature Metal USA’s 4” thick glass windows tempered glass. All sunroom, conservatory, and solarium windows can be constructed with tempered safety glass for maximum protection. In addition to protection, these sunroom and solarium windows can provide yearround comfort, even in the harshest of climates. You should expect safety and comfort from your solarium, so be sure to get the options that work best for your location.