Remodel Your Patio Area with a New Cover  

Protect your patio furniture, barbeque, and family fun with a solid patio cover. Your patio area should be a highly functional environment. With a solid roof patio cover, the area becomes even more functional. A solid patio cover allows you to do things on a patio you can’t normally do. Under your solid patio cover, you can escape the heat of summer days and stay dry on rainy days. You can enjoy outdoor living under your solid patio cover without having to worry about harmful UV rays. You can even throw lavish parties for friends and family right under the comfort of a solid roof patio cover!  


Solid Patio Cover Protection 

Provide your family, pets, and patio accessories with full protection against outdoor elements. The solid patio cover is the best choice for outdoor protection. No matter how unpredictable the weather becomes, your solid roof patio cover has you covered.

With the strength to withstand the harshest weather conditions, your solid patio cover is a safe haven from wind, rain, sun, and even snow. And because your solid patio cover is built using a watertight roof system, you’re guaranteed to have the most protection from precipitation than with any other type of patio cover structure. 


Benefit from a Thermal Insulated Patio Cover Roof 

Expert patio cover installers can provide you with a very efficient feature. Solid patio covers can be built with thermal insulation. Patio cover thermal insulation can insulate you and your family against extreme weather temperatures. Your patio shade remains cooler in the heat of summer, and your patio area stays warmer on the coldest of winter days. But that’s not allYour solid patio cover’s thermal insulation will also reduce noise.  


Custom Solid Roof Patio Cover Design Features to Look for: 

  • Strong, long-lasting low maintenance aluminum. 
  • Heavy header beam construction. 
  • Richly textured wood grain finish. 
  • Weather resistant AlumaShield paint finish that withstands the harshest conditions, including sun, wind and extreme temperatures. 
  • Baked enamel for rugged durability, color matching fasteners. 
  • Color matching fasteners. 
  • Choice of popular color finishes to complement your home.